2010 Grant Award – Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ was the recipient in 2010 of the grant monies distributed by The Chrysalis Fund. A $5,594 contribution was made to YFC with one half of this grant going towards the replacement of flooring in the basement of the U-Turn home on Fernwood Bay.  The other half of the grant money went to help facilitate the YFC supper club program. The U-Turn home was created to provide a program in which youth are mentored. There is space for up to four boarders, with house parents living on the main floor of the home and helping with day to day needs while YFC U-Turn coordinator Reuben Singh works with teens to achieve the goals of the program, namely to make positive changes in their lives. The YFC supper club program runs regularly on Wednesday night at the local drop-in centre.
YFC is a worldwide Christian movement working with young people around the globe. Motivated by faith in Jesus Christ, the organization reaches young people in ways that are relevant to them in the context of their culture and life circumstances.